The kick start:



Cameraman and photographer Kurt Moser has a vision, a vision that will reflect the world-famous mountains of his homeland. The Dolomites have already appeared a million times on postcards, in books and on posters. “But”, as the artist says, “these photos hardly do justice to their true size.”
That should all change. Because, as unique as the “pale mountains” are, Kurt Moser wishes to immortalise them by means of a very special and old photographic method: the ambrotype. No pixels, just light, caught by one of the rarest objectives in the world: an Apo Nikkor 1780 mm!


Out of the studio and into the mountains

The ambrotype is a complex technique, requiring numerous manoeuvres to be accomplished in a very short space of time. Only then will an image or photo appear on the sensitive, black glass background. Originally the ambrotype was never intended to be used outside of a photo studio. But it has to be if Kurt Moser is to transfer the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites onto cathedral glass. In order to be able to produce ambrotypes in the mountains, the photographer has made use of his URAL – a Russian military truck – that has stood for years in his garage. Along with a friend, he has spent countless hours planning how to convert the vehicle into a giant camera. All in all, he has spent two years doing almost nothing else. But such a project naturally costs not only time, but also lots of money.

Why a military truck?

In order to actually transform the URAL into a giant mobile camera with an integrated darkroom, the “Lightcatcher” has started a crowdfunding action on the Kickstarter platform. Anyone can support the project financially as they wish, and not without reward! It is a wonderful thought that lovers of mountains, photography and art from all over the world can help support this gigantic project in South Tyrol.

The rewards

The smallest Pledge of €2 will be rewarded by Kurt Moser shouting the supporter’s name into the mountains. The event will of course be recorded on film. Art projects too can have a sense of humour!
With a Pledge of €500 you can spend two days in a selected partner hotel in the Dolomites during the project and chat with the Lightcatcher Kurt Moser in person over dinner – about the meaning of life and the mountains!
The highest Pledge of €7,000 offers you three days in the Dolomites in a top-class hotel, with the supporter (or a person of their choice) immortalised by Kurt Moser in a 50×60 cm ambrotype – a valuable and unique piece to take home with you!

There are a total of 13 Pledges of various values: everyone becoming part of the Lightcatcher project will also, at least symbolically, participate in the planned exhibitions in Berlin, London, China and India, as the metal plate engraved with the names of supporters and the video in which Kurt Moser shouts the names into the mountains will always be present too!